22+ Fitting Insulation Between Roof Rafters Background

On new build or replacement pitched roofs, the ideal build up would be insulation fitted over and then between the rafters — giving a big boost for airtightness (image credit:

22+ Fitting Insulation Between Roof Rafters Background. • a warm roof is where it is above and between the rafters. Rafter insulation is a great solution if you want to insulate the loft space, but still want to use it;

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Increase rafter depth before insulating attic rafters. Measure the space between the rafters where the insulation will be placed and cut the insulation boards marginally wider than the space to ensure. Im having the loft insluations redone (subsidised) but need to do something in the area where the ceiling is following the roof.

Insulating loft with mix of between rafters and existing.

Purchase the width that will fit between rafters.rafters are often 26 ctr to ctr.ask the supply co. By insulating between the rafters and creating a warm loft you prevent condensation in the loft, thus preventing the timbers rotting. You could have foam sprayed on the underneath side. Insulate between rafters when constructing a raised, or cathedral, ceiling in a home, or when making the attic a fitting insulation into rafter bays prohibits this air movement.