18+ Greca Polycarbonate Sheet PNG

Normally, companies that manufacture polycarbonate sheets may decide to manipulate optical properties to suit a given application.

18+ Greca Polycarbonate Sheet PNG. Polycarbonate greca square wave sheets offer a high degree of light transmittance while blocking harmful uv rays. These corrugated sheets are ideal for greenhouses and other applications where excellent light transmission is needed in a lightweight sheet.

Valuview GRECA Series
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Easy with accessories and cut to size panels. How to clean polycarbonate sheets. Corrugated polycarbonate pricing by the square foot.

At a glance, these polycarbonate sheets are available as

Ideally, polycarbonate sheets have a compressive yield strength of 70mpa and modulus of 2.0gpa. Macrolux corrugated greca polycarbonate pricing. Lexan sheet comes in a variety of textures and polymershapes can meet your polycarbonate sheet needs in standard and custom sizes from leading suppliers including sabic. Suntuf greca polycarbonate sheet is an outstanding roofing material that offers superior physical properties.