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17+ A Roof Pictures. Roofs have been constructed in a wide variety of forms—flat, pitched. Roof, covering of the top of a building, serving to protect against rain, snow, sunlight, wind, and extremes of temperature.

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To traverse buildings by walking or climbing across their roofs. Discover the 36 different types of roofs for a house. Turn to raleigh roofers for residential & commercial roofing services including roof inspections, installations, replacements & repairs in raleigh, nc.

The cover at the top of a building.

The outside top covering of a building 2. Roofs me rof < oe hrof, akin to on, roof, shed < ie base * k̑rapo > oslav stropŭ, roof 1. A roof is the top covering of a building, including all materials and constructions necessary to support it on the walls of the building or on uprights, providing protection against rain, snow, sunlight. Aastro, a boca raton roofing company offers a full range of roof repair and replacement services for commercial and residential clients.