12+ Repointing A Roof Valley Images

I suspect it has never been done properly each of the 3 times it the firm that did the last repointing gave me a 10 year guarantee but i believe they are no longer trading so i can't get them back to repoint the valley.

12+ Repointing A Roof Valley Images. These roof valleys have to deal with a lot of water during heavy rainfall and are prone to leaking. It is usually galvanised metal and should be replaced by colorbond what is a valley on a roof?

Repointing - JSJ Roofing
Repointing - JSJ Roofing from www.jsjroofing.com.au
I had it repointed but it fell out. This video shows how to repoint a lead roof valley. I had it repointed again in october 2014 and it has fallen out again from under the roof tiles.

I had it repointed but it fell out.

Water collects in a valley to flow off the roof. There may be several ways to shingle a roof, but when preparing, all the valleys start the same. 1 roof leak, 1 chimney repointed and 1 guttering repair. Most roofers know how to install shingles, but many have no clue how to do a valley.