Yoga to rescue of Traffic cops ravaged by Delhi pollution; crisis acquired horrific proportion

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Even the Indian players struggled on the field, with opener Shikhar Dhawan admitting that the city’s air quality is poor, but insisted that it cannot come in the way of going about their job of playing as professional cricketers. “I can’t hide the fact that there is pollution but if you have been assigned a job then you have to go ahead and do it,” Dhawan said matter-of-factly at the end of the fourth day. He stated that a lot of Indian players from other states are adjusting to the prevailing conditions in the national capital.

The impact was seen in the Indian Super League as well where the Delhi Dynamos were forced to wear masks during practice ahead of the clash against Jamshedpur FC. Dynamos coach Miguel Angel Portugal confirmed that his players wore masks but said they will not use them during the match. “This pollution is a problem but it’s not solely for the players and me. It’s for the people of Delhi. We have been training with masks, so it is fine. The players will not be donning the masks on match day tomorrow,” Portuguese said at the pre-match press conference.

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