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BOSTON: Sri Sri School of Yoga organized a two-day workshop titled, ‘Yoga Immersion Boston” on May 12 and 13 to restore, rejuvenate and renew the physical and mental energy among participants.

More than 150 participants from New England and surrounding states attended the workshop to obtain the benefits of Yoga. Shri Krishna Verma and Dr Bharati Verma led the workshop professionally. Krishna has trained over 2000 Yoga teachers in more than 20 countries. Dr. Smt Bharati Verma is also associated with this School since 2001.

The workshop started with OM chanting. Both Shri and Smt Verma taught Yoga routines for better postures, techniques to calm our mind and clear emotional blockages, simple and easy Yoga and meditation sequences to practice at home. Dr. Smt Bharati not only spoke about the benefits but also demonstrated yoga postures, various breathing techniques, and meditation practices for optimal living.

Smt Verma said that Yoga is a great remedy to remove our tensions which definitely affect our health because we have to fulfill a demanding career and take care of the family. On May 13, Krishna said that a few minutes of Yoga during the day can be a great way to get rid of stress that accumulates daily-in both the body and mind.

He talked about various techniques such as Yoga postures for standing, walking, bending, and sitting; Pranayama to direct and control prana (energy, breath, or life force) in the body;and meditation as effective techniques to release stress and calm our mind and clear emotional jams. And he spoke about the right approaches of using Yoga as a science for our best living.

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