Yoga studio will offer Salt Yoga classes, unique Halotherapy, Infrared Therapy – Viera Voice

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Merchant said the benefits of the Himalayan salt include: Improving mood and concentration; relieving fatigue and stress; and promoting relaxation.

Finally, the studio will have a sauna for Infrared Therapy with sessions lasting 20 minutes.

“This isn’t a regular sauna, as it does not get to the extreme temperatures of the typical sauna. Nor does it have a red light,” Merchant said. “The heat generated by the infrared panels actually heats a person from the inside. It is very beneficial and detoxifying.”

The benefits of the infrared sauna include: Detoxifying; burning calories; anti-aging properties; athletic recovery and pain relief; immune system boost; improving circulation; and de-stressing and improving mood.

Merchant also said customers can schedule appointments using the Mind/Body app. For more information about Ionic Day, go to

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