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“All yoga instructors will be certified,” she said.

Last year, during Hurricane Irma, Merchant said she had a horrible case of bronchitis that lasted for months. “I went to a few doctors and was told that I’ve had asthma my whole life but I was never diagnosed as a child. This explained why my case of bronchitis was so extreme.

“Additionally, during my eight years of living in California, I lived right outside of Los Angeles in a city where all the smog settles. So, my lungs have not always been in the healthiest environment. Now, I am taking extra care of my lungs. Yoga is a great way to strengthen lungs because it is all about controlling the breath,” Merchant added.

Besides Salt Yoga classes, Merchant said the studio also will offer Halotherapy and Infrared Therapy.

“Halotherapy is an amazing way to keep the lungs healthy,” Merchant said. “I am excited to be able to offer these restorative services to anyone struggling with similar respiratory issues that I have.”

Preliminary costs for some of the services include: $25 for 20 minutes of Halotherapy, and $20 for 20 minutes of Infrared Therapy. All yoga classes will be an hour long, Merchant said.

Halotherapy also is known as Dry Salt Therapy. It is basically breathing salt air. During Halotherapy at the Ionic Day, Merchant said one or two guests at a time will sit in a booth for 20 minutes. During the 20 minutes, a machine will grind salt into tiny microparticles and dispense it into the air. The benefits of breathing this air include: Reducing stress and headaches; increased energy; improved sleep patterns; enhanced immunities; and improved circulation.

Merchant also explained that the studio will be decorated in hundreds of pounds of Himalayan salt. There will be a salt wall, which will be lighted with the ambiance of the amber colored salt.

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