Yoga is good for mental health

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A thousand-year-old discipline, yoga has both physical and psychological benefits. According to several studies, the practice of yoga would relieve stress and anxiety in a sustainable way.

This millennial Indian practice is open to all, except medical contraindications. It is particularly useful to the elderly, but also to children or pregnant women, who find in this sequence of postures a way to be in harmony with their body and their spirit.

Becoming a true social phenomenon, yoga is practiced by millions of Americans, and the number of practitioners would be constantly increasing.

Why such a success? No doubt because yoga brings many benefits, both physical and mental. In addition to the feeling of well-being and relaxation provided by yoga, its practice would have many therapeutic virtues.

“Clinical trials have shown that yoga improves pain by stretching muscles and aligning posture, lowers blood pressure by rebalancing the autonomic nervous system and reduces inflammation by regulating chronic stress. In recent times, yoga is increasingly perceived not only as a way to reduce stress and improve physical fitness, but also to overcome mental suffering, “says Prof. Holger Cramer, Director of Internal Medicine and Integrative Research in Medicine at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

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