Yoga helps reduce severity of depression: AIIMS study

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Yoga helps reduce the severity of depression by increasing levels of certain chemicals in the brain that maintain the sleep-wake cycle and regulate the mood, appetite and digestion, according a recent study by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) here.

The study found that introducing yoga into lifestyle results in a decrease in cortisol, the main stress hormone, and reduces levels of certain inflammatory molecules in the body as well as brain, thereby reducing oxidative stress, said Rima Dada, Professor in-charge of Laboratory of Molecular Reproduction and Genetics, Department of Anatomy at AIIMS.

It also slows the pace of aging by reducing levels of oxidative and psychological stress and aids in maintaining the length of telomere, Dada said.

Telomere are DNA sequences which lie at the ends of chromosomes and act as biological clock.

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