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“For those who are over- weight or for older people in our community, yoga can be great. It boosts your immune system, can help with arthritis and different kinds of mobility.

“It’s really about understand ing that this practice came from Egypt, Africa, and was practised in a way that was integrated into our lifestyle. So it’s not some- thing that’s outside ourselves as it has been in our culture for centuries and is something that can be done at all ages.”

As a black business still in the early throes of its success, Laurent has many plans for Melanin Yoga – but they don’t come without their challenges.

“With this brand, it’s been great to work alongside some- one and bounce our ideas and creativity off one another,” she says.

“One of the challenges is finding that client base within the social media-driven world and thinking about a product that really resonates with people. But we’ve had a really fantastic response from the community and it’s all very exciting.”

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