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Alongside classes and events, the contemporary ‘Afro-conscious’ brand also sells apparel from t-shirts to yoga mats, with a recently released collection of Black Panther inspired designs.

INSPIRED: Melanin Yoga have launched a range of yoga mats using Afro-inspired designs

The brand started between Laurent and business partner Dennis, and is one of her many endeavours as a teacher, founder of other businesses and a mother.

“Dennis and I have a great dynamic and definitely adhere to certain roles.

“I’m the creative director so I sign all the marketing apparel and deal the website and he’s really about the marketing and sales and is the managing director,” says Laurent.

“So it works really well and we’ve developed the ethos to run this together.”
As a woman wearing many hats, Laurent’s interest in yoga places emphasis on the need to centre oneself in the midst of the busy day-to-day life that she and many women lead.

“I think one of the main components we’re missing cross generationally is the ability to reflect and to actually stop and think.

“A lot of the time we’re very reactive, so something will hap- pen and we’ll react. Yoga is re- ally a practice of the present, and allows people to engage in their thoughts and be still. This can be a great asset, spiritually.”

Alongside the spiritual and holistic advantages of yoga, numerous health benefits are packed within it. “A lot of yoga is to do with breathing and stretching – it’s actually one of the least intrusive types of exercise,” adds Laurent.

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