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As a woman who has battled cancer, Kate Olson knows what often is recommended for recovering from treatment.

“You would sometimes hear, ‘Oh, you should do yoga for calming yourself down and for getting your range of motion back after surgery,’” the Peters Township resident said. “But the thing is that people who are in this particular population sometimes feel a little intimidated coming to a regular yoga class.”

To help provide a more accommodating atmosphere, Lakeview Yoga in Peters, which Olson owns and where she instructs, will host a free class for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Feb. 24.

“I think it’s important for our community, considering the prevalence of cancer now in our culture, that we have these classes that help people, because it really does,” Olson, who had a bout with melanoma a few years ago, explained. “Depending on the level of interest, we hope to be able to add this class to our regular schedule.”

Instructing the class is Lisa Schollaert, a Smith Township resident originally from South Fayette. She completed a 45-hour program last year to become certified by yoga4cancer, a research-based, specialized yoga methodology that addresses the specific physical and emotional needs resulting from cancer and its treatments.

“During the workshop, I will be working with everyone individually, so that they can take this home and practice at home,” she said.

Schollaert gave an example of how she would work with someone who has lymphedema, a condition usually caused by cancer treatment that results in fluid retention and tissue swelling.

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