Yoga can empower employees to build a stronger team

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The yoga sessions had such a good impact on the employee groups who had enrolled for it that BMC Software decided to conduct organization-wide programmes from time to time at the Bengaluru office. The Total Yoga team has been invited a few times to conduct special Desktop Yoga sessions which are held on the office floor with all employees at or near their workstations. During these special sessions, everyone is taught how to do a few yoga exercises at their desk that will help them stretch and shake off fatigue.

Devi says implementing yoga at work has had a positive impact on the employees at an individual level as well as on the team as a whole. “Apart from increasing productivity and staff retention, the programme has helped us build a reputation for being a desirable place to work,” she says. “The feedback from everyone who participates in our Yoga at Work initiative is positive. Total Yoga instructors make everybody feel comfortable regardless of their skills and level of performance. They create an atmosphere that makes people want to continue to participate.”

The biggest improvements that Devi has noticed are in the areas of employee alertness, ability to multitask and react calmly in demanding situations. “I feel energetic and it helps me keep my cool in tough situations,” says Veerappan. “All in all, yoga helps one to make better choices.”

Asana in the Office is a series on how employees practise, embrace and enjoy yoga in their workplaces. Shrenik Avlani is co-author of The Shivfit Way, a book on functional fitness.