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CONNEAUT — Heart 2 Heart, the local support group created to assist families of people dealing with addictions, is paying attention to the words of local yoga instructor Lisa Piaser, owner of Yoga House in N. Kingsville.

Piaser spoke at Sunday night’s Heart 2 Heart meeting. Heart 2 Heart meetings are held regularly at Corpus Christi Church, which supports the group’s activities. Heart 2 Heart meets on the third Sunday of every month.

“We’ve been together about four years now and have about 10 regular members,” said Jack Carr, coordinator for Heart 2 Heart.

Fellow Heart 2 Heart coordinator Pat Carr, Jack’s wife, said the meeting was about using yoga to take care of yourself.

“Yoga is a tool that can be used to help take care of yourself,” she said. “Both addicts and codependents need self care. When you have misery, like in addiction or codependency, people often forget to take care of themselves. They need to find methods of self care. Yoga can be a way of helping alleviate misery, especially during recovery.”

She said people have choices to learn how to take care of themselves and probably one of the best choices is yoga, which employs breathing techniques and other methods to bring about deep relaxation, which is another recovery tool.

Piaser said she had been a student of yoga for 10 years, and has been teaching at Yoga House for four years. Jack Carr videotaped her presentation for Channel 6 on Conneaut Public TV.

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