Woman who turned vegan at 95 tells how she feels ‘wonderful’ after switching her diet

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A yoga loving 97-year-old who recently completed her first year as a vegan says the diet has left her feeling “wonderful”.

Sprightly grandmother Anne Evers Fraser turned to the plant-based way of life shortly before she turned 96 and says she will never go back to eating animal produce.  

She keeps active by walking on a treadmill each day, practices yoga with her granddaughter and even has a personal trainer visit for workouts twice a week.

Speaking to the Standard, Mrs Fraser said: “I feel wonderful. I have more energy, I feel lighter and less inflamed, my skin is more clear and I’m moving around better.

“I definitely think it’s keeping me healthier as I age.”

The 97-year-old regularly does yoga with her granddaughter (Maggie Bauman)

Mrs Fraser, who turned 97 last month and was born on August 4, 1921, even goes as far as to credit the switch in eating habits to getting rid of her irregular heartbeat, which left shortly after she turned to veganism.

“I had recently been diagnosed with Afib [irregular heartbeat], put on a medication and was feeling miserable. I thought I’d have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. A few weeks later my Afib went away,” she said.

Over the last months of shunning any food linked to animals she has largely avoided illnesses, apart from a ruptured appendix from which she has now recovered, and has kept healthy throughout even colder months.

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