Woman discovers she’s been dumped as maid of honour for her best friend in humiliating way

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She couldn’t wait to share the news – but she had to

When they did finally manage to chat, the bride-to-be wasn’t happy that she hadn’t been able to tell her the news immediatly.

Despite Amanda explaining it wasn’t really her fault – she was still annoyed.

She sent an engagement present and hoped things would just be forgotten – but she soon found out that wasn’t the case.

A while later Amanda, the bride-to-be and some friends were chatting and the subject of the bridal party came up.

One of the friends asked outright if Amanda was the maid-of-honour, assuming she would be after years of friendship.

Amanda writes: “I thought it was a fair enough thing to assume.

The conversation quickly turned to the big day

“I was kind of relieved that at least I’d get my answer then and there.”

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