Woman Can’t Find A Boyfriend Because She’s ‘Too Attractive’ | KIIS 101.1

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Don’t you hate it when you’re just really, really, REALLY, ridiculously good looking that it actually hurts your chances at finding love…?

No?….Yeah me either. But this one woman thinks that it’s happening to her and that her attractiveness is the reason why she can’t hold down a boyfriend.

Dawn Cousins appeared on the UK breakfast show, This Morning, with our favourite hosts, Phil and Holly, (remember the interview they did about a couple who can orgasm for like 18 hours?) to explain why she’s been so unlucky in love.

As the hosts listened intently (well, with smirks on their face), the 44-year-old woman explained that she was “too attractive” to find a partner.

“Obviously, I’m a very attractive woman…I look very young. I’m very fun and I’m not your typical 44-year-old woman of four children.

“So I’m finding that younger guys are messaging me, wanted to take me out, but they just want me because I’m hot.

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