Why Summer Love Is Different Than Falling In Love During Any Other Season

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Most of the time, summer love might more accurately be called a summer fling. Part of what makes it so enticing is that there isn’t a lot of talk about commitment or “the future.” It’s about enjoying the moment and not thinking past Labor Day.

Data backs this up; according to Facebook statistics from 2010 and 2011, the months of May through August showed an increase in breakups for those under 25, 25 to 44, and 45 and over — all three age groups assessed. One possible explanation for this major change in relationship statuses is that couples know they’ll be tempted over the summer, perhaps because they’ll be spending more time apart or because they’ll be more in the mood to date casually. So while the data shows an increase in breakups, that just means there are fewer long-term relationships that last through summer. This gives singles more of an opportunity to find someone to (summer) love.

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