Why some yoga classes are using pot in their practice – Toronto

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“Personally, blazing in a yoga class, no, I don’t agree with it,” she said. “Yoga itself is the high.”

She thinks with legalization impending, cannabis yoga will likely become more of a trend, but thinks it will fade away when people realize “how ridiculous it is.” These types of classes have also been held in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

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Wannamaker believes the combination allows for inclusivity: ‘Not everyone is as comfortable going to a yoga studio as some people may be.’ (Haydn Watters/CBC)

Cannabis yoga is the latest in a long list of alternative yoga treatments. There’s been beer yoga, snow yogaalpaca yoga and goat yoga — all which Pasztor thinks are “fluff.” 

“We’re all about true yoga,” she said. “Ultimate true yoga … is a natural high and it’s about the natural path.”

Jewell disagrees.

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Monitors around the lounge show this relaxing image — while soothing spa-like music is played over speakers to aid the students. (Haydn Watters/CBC)

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All sorts of people have taken part in the classes. ‘We’ve seen every demographic come through this door and everyone has been very receptive to each other,’ says Chris Green, one of the lounge’s owners. (Haydn Watters/CBC)

“I find when people go into a normal yoga studio … there’s that little feeling of trepidation and anxiety of, ‘Everyone’s a yogi. Everyone’s going to be judging me. What if I’m not wearing my yoga outfit like everyone else is?,’” she said. 

“When you come here, people are in their sweats. It doesn’t really matter as much. There’s no judgment. Everyone’s just doing their own thing.”

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