Why Lady Gaga Kept Engagement News Private

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Lady Gaga confirmed her engagement to Christian Carino, but she’s still focused on keeping her relationship private.

A source tells ET that Gaga, 32, has a “low-key” relationship with her 49-year-old talent manager fiance, something that was lacking in her previous engagement to Taylor Kinney, which ended in 2016.

“Gaga seems very happy to be in a more low-key relationship than with Taylor,” the source says. “She’s on top of the world and Christian is part of that. They kept the engagement private so it wasn’t the media storm it was with Taylor.”

The source also notes that Gaga and Carino have been engaged since late last year. Monday was the first time Gaga acknowledged the engagement, though, referring to Carino as “my fiance” during a speech at an event in Beverly Hills, California.

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