Who Is Deja’s Dad? ‘This Is Us’ Fans Are Eager To Learn More About Randall’s Foster Daughter

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With everything learned about Déjà’s story in the “This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life” episode, one extremely important piece seemed to be missing — details about her biological father. It was revealed in the episode that Déjà’s mother Shauna had her when she was a teenager herself, and they depended heavily on the care from their grandmother to get by. Upon leaving prison for what appeared to be one of Shauna’s first times in jail, the single mother introduced a boyfriend into the fold. This wasn’t the only time the teenager experienced her mother’s tumultuous relationship with a companion, and needless to say, the dysfunction seemingly made her distrust a lot of people, including her foster parents.

In Déjà’s defense, however, her mother’s trying experiences with love weren’t the only to make the teen leery of strangers. While living with one of her previous foster families, Déjà witnessed her foster father abuse a child temporarily in his care. The distance she kept between herself and the Pearsons when they were first introduced made sense, as the teen only had negative experiences in the foster system prior.

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With Déjà now being in the Pearsons’ care, hopefully more details about her life will continue to spill out. Who knows, maybe Déjà’s dad will decide to do a pop-up, adding a few more puzzle pieces to the teen’s developing story. It’s been a joy watching Déjà blossom and open up to the family, and here’s to hoping she sticks around as long as possible.

If you’ve fallen in love with Déjà too, you should totally look forward to seeing more of her face around. This Is Us received an early Season 3 renewal back in January 2017, and if following in the footsteps of its Season 2 premiere, the next opportunity to learn more about the entire Pearson clan should happen sometime this upcoming fall.

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