Who Is Deja’s Dad? ‘This Is Us’ Fans Are Eager To Learn More About Randall’s Foster Daughter

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NBC’s This Is Us has been stealing hearts for two seasons now, and the generational story tackles so many issues plaguing the country today — including mental health issues, addiction, and racial and socioeconomic biases. Learning more about Randall’s foster daughter Déjà in Season 2 has, in turn, helped bring a lot of those important discussions to the forefront. But it’s also left viewers with a ton of unanswered questions — like who Déjà’s dad is, for example. Fans will have to wait and see if those answers are hidden within the This Is Us Season 2 finale, which airs Tuesday, March 13, but in the meantime, let’s recap what we’ve learned about Déjà so far.

Déjà was first introduced to the This Is Us audience at the top of Season 2, when Beth and Randall Pearson first decided to become foster parents. The teenager wore a hard exterior initially, but with a little work (and a lot of charm from the lovable Randall), Déjà eventually softened up. Just as the Pearsons and the rest of the world watching began falling in love with the teen, she left the family to live back with her mother for what appeared to be forever. But in true This Is Us fashion, the beloved character was woven back into the show’s fabric seamlessly, just a few episodes later.

Unexpectedly for many tuning in, This Is Us’ March 6 episode, “This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life,” recapped Déjà’s entire life — jumping around from her birth, all the way up to when Randall and Beth found the teenager and her mother sleeping in their car. It was a pleasant surprise, however, because for an entire episode, fans got to see exactly how and why the once, happy-go-lucky child was forced to grow up rather quickly.

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Toward the end of the episode, Déjà’s mother left the teenager in the Pearsons’ care after watching how comfortably she fit within the family’s mold. And this move has led a lot of fans to believe that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Déjà’s face.

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