What To Eat After Yoga When Your Vinyasa Leaves You Famished, According To Experts

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It’s cute when someone says yoga is so low-key, so graceful, so relaxing, because while that’s definitely an accurate description of some practices, if you’re an avid yogi trying to master complex poses or flowing in a heated studio, yoga can be an incredibly challenging, full-body experience. As someone who tries any workout available to them, I can vouch that yoga sessions can be just as tiring as an hour of lifting weights or running sprints, and by the end of it, you’re probably thinking hard about what to eat after yoga. It really doesn’t matter if you’re zen-ed out in a vinyasa sequence or testing your strength in an Ashtanga class; anything that requires energy and movement is going to result in your body demanding a refuel, so it’s best to have snacks at the ready post-flow, because trust me, friend, you will be famished.

Granted, I’m the type of person who’s always hungry anyway, workout or no workout, but I’ve never experienced hunger pains like the ones that wash over me after I’ve been on the mat for an hour or so. See, the difference between something like weightlifting and yoga is that you can take a break in between sets. Of course, if you’re the type of yogi who prefers practicing in the comfort of your own home, you control your flow, but in a class setting, it’s one pose after another, and don’t think for one second that holding your position counts as a pause, because it doesn’t.

When your muscles are working hard with little to no rest, it’s really not surprising that your first stop after a yoga class is in front of an open fridge.


For the record, I’m not saying yoga won’t help you unwind after a rough day, because even the most difficult sequences are still relaxing. I’m just saying, like any other workout that’s meant to, you know, work you out, it’s likely going to kick your ass in the process. When your muscles are in motion, your energy levels are going to drop, and what do you do when your body needs fuel? You eat, and you eat a lot.

As far as Stephanie Ferrari, MS, RDN is concerned, yoga is no less of an exercise than any other physical workout, and especially during the more vigorous practices, your entire body is in for a ride. When you practice yoga, Ferrari tells Elite Daily, you’re working everything, which means you muscles are firing, stretching, and releasing, your cardiovascular system is activated, and that all translates to a ton of calories (and energy) burned.

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