What Happened When I Stopped Drinking a Meal Replacement Shake

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Meal replacement shakes have a bad rap. Tell someone you’re drinking them and suddenly you get bombarded with, “You don’t need to lose weight! Why are you drinking that! You’re better off eating than drinking your calories!” Well, thank you for the input, but long story short, my mom and I wanted a way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle and get our bodies feeling back to normal after a few months of not-so-good eating habits. We noticed a lot of friends on our social media accounts talking about how they drink shakes so we wanted to give it a try ourselves. 

Walking into the Vitamin Shoppe, we were so overwhelmed with the selection of meal replacement shakes. Which one would be best for us? Our first choice of a plant-based protein called “Plant Head” was not very nice to our tastebuds so it got returned the next day.

First off, the smell of the powder itself was not appetizing. It kind of reminded me of dirt, if i’m being honest. I am one of those people that has to smell everything before trying something new. I tried to put that aside, but the shake tasted just like it smelled. Even mixed with fruit, almond milk and chia seeds, there was this grittiness along with a very earthy taste that did not sit well with me.

After talking to the sales representative, he suggested we try Lean One Protein, because as long as you’re not vegan, plant-based protein powder doesn’t really have extra benefits. Plus, this brand is gluten-free! 

Emily Kress

Getting the right shake is crucial for sticking to a routine of drinking them. The powder comes in all sorts of flavors like chocolate, strawberry, chocolate peanut butter and even birthday cake! I chose the vanilla for my first few containers so I could experiment with what I liked to mix in. Two scoops of this protein packs 20 grams of protein, 10 grams of dietary fiber, plus 27 vitamins and minerals.

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