We’re Still in Love With Time Life’s ‘Ultimate Love Songs Collection’

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“Imagine owning the world’s greatest love songs.”

This was the prompt. For many people, the commercial for Time Life’s Ultimate Love Songs Collection is one of those pieces of ‘90s pop-culture arcana that lodged in our generational memory. It would arrive, at least where I lived in South Florida, in the dead zone of nighttime programming, until roughly the early aughts and the sequence of the songs was branded: Once Celine Dion nudged you awake, you knew Michael Bolton was next.

The commercial has lived on in the internet age and on Spotify playlists. It was referenced on a popular meme page last month, and the collective “I remember” started again. In the more than 53,000 comments, people shared memories of the commercial, and tagged loved ones. That prompt still had the same effect. 

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