We only eat fruit, and haven’t brushed our teeth in two years

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“It cures depression, cures so many mental illnesses, relieves anxiety. Cures all chronic digestive issues. There are thousands of personal accounts of people who have cured cancer on this diet.

“Huge savings on health insurance, medical care drugs, alcohol, cooking equipment and ingredients, cosmetics – once you introduce minimalism into your diet it spreads onto other areas of your life. The diet challenges everything we believe about food and our culture which is centered around cooking food – so once you’ve broken down that taboo you feel liberated to challenge other ideas that you thought are fixed in our society.

“When you eat whole fruit the fiber in the fruit cleans out your teeth. I don’t brush my teeth either.

“When I went for a check-up after three years, the dentist called two other dentists to show my teeth to them – my teeth were in such good condition she couldn’t believe it. But please don’t try this with dried fruit – as this sticks to your teeth and makes them rot.”

Beun and Stoklosa have their own YouTube channel, Fit Shortie Eats, where they chat about hunting and foraging for exotic fruit.

Stoklosa said: “When I eat average fruit, I feel average. When I eat amazing fruit, I look in the mirror and think ‘who is this amazing person looking back at me?’

“If I could just ask you to make one change – eat fruit as your breakfast, you will already feel better. Once you get the hang of it, substitute lunch for just fruit too. If you have serious illnesses to cure or are overweight, consider a fruit-only diet for 30 days and watch the unbelievable results.”