We only eat fruit, and haven’t brushed our teeth in two years

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This woman claims she has eaten almost nothing but fruit for five years and says her extreme diet makes her “feel high.”

Interior architect Tina Stoklosa, who’s originally from Warsaw, Poland, first tried the fruitarian diet as a pre-Christmas cleanse, way back in December 2013.

The 39-year-old instantly saw results, but she found the diet hard to stick to at home, because of temptations to go for meals out.

She decided to move to Bali three years ago, to discover more exotic fruit and go fully fruitarian and it was here that she met her fiance Simon Beun, 26, from Izegem, Belgium.

The couple haven’t brushed their teeth in two years, claiming they don’t need to on the diet and say they would never go back to “normal” food.

Stoklosa’s especially thrilled with the results on her waistline – having shed 70 pounds to take her to 113 pounds and going from a UK size 16 to 8.

The couple eats between 2,000 and 4,000 calories and munch on up to 30 bananas in one day – while quenching their thirst with coconut water.

Stoklosa said: “I have been overweight most on my adult life. Engaged in cycles of binge eating and dieting in turn only growing bigger and feeling more helpless with each year. Whilst researching a green smoothie recipe for the first time – I found a girl online that only ate fruit and then I found a whole group of people online eating this way and calling themselves fruitarians.

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