Want to be a published author? The ELLE Fiction Awards 2018 is your chance

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Rao too, echoes her sentiments: ‘I’m delighted to be judging the ELLE Fiction Awards, as it’s always a pleasure to discover new voices and be led to unexpected narratives. I’ll be looking for works that have a real understanding of the form, with a sense of balance, pace and economy. I’m sure that the stories that stand out will display a sensitivity to the rhythms and texture of language and also have at their core a moment of great illumination. All the very best to the contestants: I’m very much looking forward to their submissions.’

And Sarkar, who will ultimately publish the winning entry, says, ‘At Juggernaut, we are constantly looking for fresh voices and the most brilliant new talent—so I love the idea of the ELLE Fiction Awards and look forward to falling in love with a bold new voice.’

What are you waiting for?

Write to us at ellefictionawards@ogaan.co.in by October 10, 2018 and watch your dream come alive.

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