Want to be a published author? The ELLE Fiction Awards 2018 is your chance

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If you, like many of us here at ELLE, grew up with a burning passion to write and to see your story in print, your moment has arrived. The 2018 ELLE Fiction Awards brings you this very opportunity.

All you have to do is send us 500 words of original fiction inspired by one of the two images in this story, and you could walk away with a paid contract with Juggernaut Books, get published in ELLE India, and lots more.

And who decides if you win? The judges are none other than ELLE India’s editor Supriya Dravid, Juggernaut’s publisher Chiki Sarkar, much-loved writer-producer Twinkle Khanna, and author Mahesh Rao.

‘What I am looking for in a writer is the ability to play dangerously—with words, with thoughts, with madness, and with blatant disregard to the ordinary. Through the ELLE Fiction Awards, we want to throw open the playing field to your imagination and ingenuity,’ says Dravid.

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