Walking car concept unveiled at CES

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The vehicle hasn’t actually been built, but the basic technology has been proven in one-fifth scale models, a company spokesman said.”Wonderful to see the auto industry embrace innovation and focus on the many niche needs — as opposed to just the mass (SUV) market,” Daniel Sperling, director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis, told NBC News MACH in an email. “Let’s cheer them on,” he added, “but making sure it is safe and compatible with pedestrians cars, and buildings will be challenging.”A slick promotional animation released by Hyundai shows the vehicle moving easily over various types of terrain. On smooth surfaces, it simply rolls along on wheels much like a conventional car. On steep or rocky surfaces, the vehicle extends its legs and starts walking.There are two walking modes. In “reptilian mode,” the vehicle spreads its legs wide and moves about like a lizard. In “mammalian mode,” the legs are extended below, and the vehicle moves with an almost humanlike gait.The vehicle can walk in any direction and is capable of stepping over a five-foot gap and climbing over a five-foot wall as well as speeding along a highway, according to the company.Just don’t expect “Elevate” to show up in Hyundai showrooms anytime soon. The spokesman said there were no immediate plans to produce the vehicle.Want more stories about the future of travel?8. Nissan’s ‘B2V’ system lets you drive a car with brain waves
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