Vanderpump Rules Season 8 Episode 18 Video: Brittany Cries Over Jax – Today’s News: Our Take

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After the embarrassing meltdown, Lisa sits Brittany down to talk through the situation, which Brittany says she’s doing her best to stay out of. “I feel like whenever something happens with him, people associate me with him. Always,” Brittany explains in the clip above, before apologizing for Jax’s behavior.

Lisa can’t comprehend why Brittany stays in the relationship with Jax, particularly given that this isn’t the first time he’s done something that would typically be unforgiveable. Brittany tries to answer this question in testimonials, saying, “A lot of people don’t see the Jax that I see. I’m with him all the time. I know we’ve been through some horrible things but if I’m sad, he’s there for me, if I’m happy he’s — I’m like so emotional,” Brittany says, starting to cry. “I’m sorry,” she tells the producers. “It’s just been really hard.”

Seeing Brittany cry is never easy, but this time hit particularly hard. She’s so desperate to make things work with Jax but it just feels like she’s out on a limb alone. We know from Instagram that the couple is still together, and hopefully the rest of this season will provide some insights as to how and – this is the real head-scratcher — why.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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