Upward-Facing Doc: Meet St. Mary’s yoga guru | Sponsored

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The only board certified epileptologist on the Western Slope, Marie was the Medical Director of Epilepsy in Billings, Montana before moving to Grand Junction in 2016. She is currently completing her fellowship training in Integrative Medicine and is writing a book chapter on the role of integrative medicine in treating epilepsy. She also has a passion for mountain biking and rescuing Rhodesian Ridgebacks. But it is yoga that inspires her, excites her, and gives her purpose. She was personally bestowed the spiritual name “Guru Prem Kaur” by Yogi Bhajan, which means “The sacred princess who embodies the deep love of the Guru, the wise teacher or energy with the power to bring us from darkness into light.”

“The true practice of yoga goes beyond getting stronger and more flexible,” she says. “It combines physical postures with breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation to calm the mind and bring more compassion and peace to our daily activities and interactions with others. As health care evolves into a more integrative model of medicine, I’m convinced that yoga will become a critical component to achieving improved health, greater well-being, and reducing the cost of health care. I’m excited to take a leadership role in bringing the benefits of yoga to health care providers and patients alike.”