Unirac-solarmount-flat-roof, rm10 introduced the power of simplicity to the ballasted flat roof solar industry. with 10 degree tilt this system consists of only two major components, minimizing preparation work and installation time. seamlessly design around roof obstacles, support most framed modules and bond the system with just the turn of a wrench.. Sign-up and be the first to hear coming news about unirac’s new flat roof pv mounting system, array installation: unirac solarmount, flat roof, 25 degree tilt, 180 degree azimuth. inverters: two xantrex gt-3.3na, 600 vdc maximum input voltage, 200-550 vdc mppt voltage window, 240 vac output. commissioned: december 6, 2007.

Innovative solutions from a trusted partner with more than 15 years of successful projects. unirac mounting solutions are durable, economical, and have a variety of options for roof and ground mount applications., announcing the new flat roof mounting solution from unirac® better solar starts here. lighter. faster. more secure. transform the way you install solar.. Ubuilder 2.0 - unirac, design will be lost... you will lose the current design switching between map and simple designer. continue? yes, switch designer cancel