Under-floor-heat-between-concrete-and-laminate, how to add floor heating over existing concrete. you can step onto a warm and inviting floor, even one built on a concrete slab, by adding in-floor heating. while hot-water and air-based radiant .... Condensation is a serious concern for concrete floors when they are covered by additional flooring material, such as laminate planks. concrete floors are porous, which means that moisture can pass through them easily. moisture and vapor barriers are installed both beneath and above concrete to stop moisture problems. ..., newly installed water-type radiant heating flooring systems should be in operation, with the temperature set between 64-72 °f, for a minimum of 4 weeks..

Best rooms for heated laminate floors . heated laminate floors are generally most popular in bedrooms and kitchens. wherever you would typically put hardwood or engineered hardwood floors, you can put heated laminate floors — even in bathrooms., an environ easy mat is a wafer-thin, non-adhesive mat that installs under your flooring — between the pad and carpet* or under laminate or floating wood flooring — to heat the floor and provide.... Keep in mind that minor gaping between planks during the heating season is a normal occurrence with laminate over a radiant heated sub-floor. proper humidity controls will help to minimize this type of natural reaction to seasonally changing climate controls. use the proper underlayment, insulating underlayments, like cork or cerazorb, provide a thermal break between a subfloor and the heating elements, which can help prevent “heat sink” and increase energy efficiency. this can be particularly beneficial if you are trying to heat a room above a cement slab or above an unheated garage..

Usually, the sealed packs must be stored flat on the floor, for at least 48 hours in the room they are to be addition, the temperature should be at least 18º c / 64º f and the distance between the walls and the packs greater than 20”/50 cm., using edge strip kits to install warmtiles radiant floor heat cable system - duration: 5:41. phil green - edge strip kits 19,703 views.

There are several manufacturers of electric radiant floor heating systems that can be placed directly on top of an existing concrete slab. some look like wire fencing that you roll out over the floor.