Unclog-garage-floor-drain, the garage floor drain is one of the most underappreciated pieces of plumbing hardware out there. no matter what, they work hard. garage floor drains handle all the random liquid that finds its way from outside into your garage.. Types of garage floor drains and how they work. there are 2 types of garage floor drains – a standard square or round drain and a trench or channel drain.. 1. standard square or round garage floor drain. these type of drains can be of minimum 6 inches to maximum about 1 foot in size., how to unclog a garage floor drain start by removing the drain cover and putting on rubber gloves. then, make your way down this list until you successfully remove the clog: remove as much as you can by hand..

The first thing you have to do to work on an under-floor drain is to remove the cleanout plug. removing a plug from corroded steel or cast iron fitting is a real chore. try using a pipe wrench with a steel pipe slipped over the handle to increase leverage. if this doesn't work, you'll have to resort to chiseling., i have a drain in my garage floor. i've never worried about it too much, but with some heavy rains recently i discovered it doesn't work. it appears to be clogged with lots of dirt, pebbles, and l....

A buildup of laundry lint, soap scum, garbage disposal debris and grit from snow-covered cars eventually can cause a blockage in the main floor drain. instead of calling a plumber, you can save time and money by renting an electric power auger and unclogging the drain yourself., clogged floor and basement drains pose special problems. access to the pipes from below is restricted. basement drains and any drain that may flow either directly into the ground or to storm drain runoff should always have backflow prevention devices installed..

How to unclog your main line drain - easy and cheap plumbing fix. snake your drain - duration: 7:19. totallytwins2 600,744 views, garage floor drain installation to prepare for a garage floor drain, it can help to have a sloped garage floor. some choose to have a small drain in the center of the garage and slope the floor of the garage towards the center. another option is to slope the garage down towards the driveway and have a trench drain catch any water there.