Ultrasonic-lamination-testing-procedure, (3) search units with contoured contact wedges may be used to aid ultrasonic coupling. 6.3-screen height linearity. the ultrasonic testing instrument shall provide linear vertical presentation within ±5% (according to asme sec.v, article 5 t-532) of the full screen height for 20% to 80% of the calibrated screen height.. Ultrasonic methods of non-destructive testing use beams of mechanical waves of short wavelength and high frequency, transmitted from a probe and detected by the same or other probes. usually, pulsed beams of ultrasound are used and in the simplest instruments a single probe, hand held, is placed on the components surface., bill, we often require lam scans at the construction site (over and above what we get from the steel mill) for specific areas of some of our structures, basically where there will be extreme loading in the through direction. this is on top of very stringent material specs and monitoring/inspection of the steel making and plate rolling operations for these steels..

It depends on a few things. and then it depends on a few other things. you didn't mention which aws code you're working to so the following references are from aws d1.1-2015.