Ultra-rugged-tablet, winmate’s ultra rugged tablets are ultra sturdy, fan less form factor devices featuring powerful intel core i5 cpus available in 8.4-inch, 10.4-inch and 13.3-inch options.. Ultra thin & compact size — with 8-inch hand-held size and less than 1.5 lbs weight, the tablet is built to fit ergonomically in one hand & lighten your load on the job, also allows for big enough display. the sturdy backhand strap makes it easy to carry & hold, ideal for field users., ultra-rugged tablet for extreme conditions built tougher than any other rugged tablet on the market, the zebra xc6 series, formerly manufactured by xplore technologies, outstrips the competition in performance, features, durability, and resiliency..

The ultra-rugged 10.4-inch r10ih8m tablet from winmate combines ultra-low power consumption with the robust processing power of intel’s lastest 4th generation core i5 haswell processor. featuring a durable aluminum alloy and solid rubber housing, this windows embedded 7 tablet is ready to go to work in even the toughest conditions., ultra-rugged design our military grade tablet ur-100 is smartly designed and ultra-safe. its mil-std-810g compliance, drop, shock, and vibration resistance, and temperature tolerance ensure its usability in almost any rugged environment. ip-67 waterproof rated.

New ultra-rugged mtb-7 tablet from chassis plans. built in the usa, chassis plans’ new ultra-rugged mtb-7 tablet is designed for use by mobile workers in harsh environments. in a sleek package with the highest-rated protection against water, dirt, smoke, and dust (ip68 and mil-std 810g), this new rugged tablet provides optimum ruggedness to support a wide range of challenging military and ..., welcome! at patrol pc®, we are 100% focused on designing and building ultra-rugged tablet mdt’s & mdc’s that are optimized for use in first responder vehicles. your work environment is unique & challenging like no others, calling for a computer like no others..

Vanquisher sv-86(h) is an 8-inch solid and reliable tablet pc ideal for enterprise mobile field works in challenging conditions. it is designed for time sensitive people working out in the field, for mobile workforce, consultants, engineers, field geologists etc. who have the demand for real time data entry and reporting., ultra-rugged windows tablet optimize your team’s efficiency with the xc6 ultra rugged tablet series. with ip67 and mil-std-810g certifications, advanced processing power, and multi-factor authentication protection, the xc6 delivers the high quality mobile computing solution your team needs to remain productive in any scenario..

New ultra-rugged mtb-7 tablet from chassis plans the new 7-inch rugged tablet is designed for use by mobile workers in wet, harsh, and dirty environments.; genetec autovu sharpv license plate recognition the autovu sharpv is an automatic license plate recognition (alpr) device that combines two high-definition cameras with onboard processing and illumination in a ruggedized, […]