Ultra-low-nox-water-heater-requirements, california’s south coast air quality management district (scaqmd) and the san joaquin valley air pollution control district (sjvapcd) introduced ultra-low nox rule 1111 and rule 4905, respectively, which require nox emissions of less than 14 nanograms per joule. our low nox solution: install a zero-emission heat pump.. 1 printed in u.s.a. 1112 part no. 325321-000 place these instructions adjacent to heater and notify owner to keep for future reference. residential ultra low nox gas water heater, heaters shall comply with california air district requirements of less than 10 ng/j requirements for ultra-low nox emissions. heaters shall meet or exceed the federal energy effi ciency standards eff ective january 20, 2004, according to the national appliance energy conservation act (naeca) of 1992..

Effective october 1, 2019, ultra-low nox requirements go into effect for south coast (scaqmd) and san joaquin valley air quality districts (sjapcd) in california., nox emissions standards for water heaters hd supply carries low and ultra low nitrogen oxide (nox) water heaters that comply with the emissions standards set by california and texas. both commercial grade and residential water heaters must meet lower emissions standards in those states. all other states require standard models.. The proline® ultra-low nox high recovery gas water heater is equipped with a pre-wired, factory-mounted blower which provides more efficient control of heat and helps ensure an adequate supply of make-up air., bradford-white ultra low nox water heater overview the bradford white ultra low nox is a gas water heater available in four types: atmospheric vent, power vent, power direct vent, and direct vent. the unit features an ultra-low nox burner with primary and secondary air distribution device and is maintenance free..

On march 25, 2010, the sac metro air district board of directors approved amendments to rule 414 - water heaters, boilers and process heaters rated less than 1,000,000 btu per hour. these amendments establish lower nox emission limits for water heaters sold and/or installed in sacramento county., the difference between low nox and ultra-low nox is determined by local epa standards and based on the type of heating equipment. for example, it's not uncommon to see an ultra-low nox water heater that emits less than 10 nanograms of no2 per joule of heat output (10 ng/j)..

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