Tyres, yoga mats wash up after ship spill

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The vessel remains at Sydney’s Port Botany where it docked on June 6, with about 40 containers having been removed from the ship in a careful operation that’s expected to take two weeks.
“They started taking boxes off over the weekend, and so far so good,” Botany Bay Harbour Master Philip Holliday told AAP on Tuesday.

“They’re taking their time about this to make sure everything is done with a minimum chance of anything going wrong.”
The shipping company has apologised to locals and promised to pay for the clean-up estimated to run into the tens of thousands of dollars per day.
Community meetings will be held at Tea Gardens on Wednesday morning and in Port Stephens in the evening.
“Every time there is a storm we will be worried sick that we are going to get another mountain of nappies washing up on our beautiful headlands,” Port Stephens local Kassie Klinger told AAP on Tuesday.

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