Tyres, yoga mats wash up after ship spill

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Debris continues to wash ashore the NSW coastline after 83 containers toppled off a Taiwanese cargo ship in rough weather almost two weeks ago, while the vessel remains docked in Sydney.
The YM Efficiency lost the cargo when a wave hit the 43,000-tonne ship about 30km off the coast of Port Stephens as it headed to Sydney from Taiwan on June 1, causing widespread fears of an environmental disaster.

At least a quarter of an Olympic swimming pool of flotsam, including nappies, car parts, plastics, emu oil jars, glass bottles and packaged foods has been accrued by contract cleaners and Central Coast locals, according to the Roads and Maritime Services.
Teams of divers have picked up at least a dozen car tyres sitting on the ocean floor, while yoga mats are among items that have floated onto beaches near Newcastle.
Only two of the containers have been found smashed onto rocks at Yacaaba Headland and Nelson Bay, with no sign of the remaining 81 containers.
Authorities may consider using satellite and radar technology to locate the sunken containers.

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