Types-of-ceiling-fan-motors, ceiling fan motors are available in two varieties: ac and dc. (no, not the rock band!) what’s the difference between the two types of ceiling fan motor? which one is a better fit for you? first, let’s learn about fan motors.. Dual motor ceiling fans are exactly what they sound like: ceiling fans with two motors. this type of fan has a central motor housing attached to two horizontal rods. each rod has its own adjustable fan head. these fans allow you to set each one at its own speed, and they are usually more decorative than traditional, single-motor ceiling fans., there are many types of motors and various sizes of motors available in the ceiling fan industry. there are direct drive motors which come in different sizes measured by (mm) millimeters. there are energy efficient dc motors which are the most cost efficient ceiling fans on the market..

Difference between ac and dc motor ceiling fans the principle difference between dc and ac ceiling fans is a matter of electrical current and the motor itself. power sources ac means alternating current while dc means direct current. so the primary difference between ac and dc motors is very plain as the names suggest – […], this "types of ceiling fan motors" graphic has 20 dominated colors, which include white, medlar, ivory cream, ivory, snowflake, presumption, gully, tin, vodka, megadrive screen, bud, vapour, foundation white, purple amethyst, sefid white, honeydew, pig iron, thamar black, lavender violet, black cat..

High use "stack" motor (emerson k55xl) these are the real ceiling fans, they were responsible in the late 1970s for bringing the ceiling fan back into use. these ceiling fans are durable, well constructed, have large motors & bearings, stay quiet, and typically move functional amounts of air (even at low speed).