Traditional Woodwork with a Modern Twist

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Ned and Sarah’s room featured a ton of drool-worthy, steal-able design concepts. And although all of those parts combined together in one room is a maximalist wonderland, you don’t have to throw so many ideas in the combine to add a modern twist to traditional woodwork. Just take Andrew’s home for instance, also in London. Whereas the woodwork in his lounge is not as extensively dispersed, it is utterly reworked from typical, traditional wood hearth and molding to an extremely minimal, trendy composition. Coating the complete accent wall — molding, hearth and all — creates one solitary wall of colour, coincidentally here also a deep rich blue.

This is why this room works:

1. The traditional expectation for woodwork and molding is to be white or neutral, whereas the encompassing wall is an accent colour. Painting every part works towards expectations, delivering a strong visible shock.

2. It does quite a bit with a bit of. Really we’re only talking a few coat of paint — and but as a result of all the things on the one wall is painted, it just seems like so much extra.

three. By making the woodwork mix in, it truly makes it stand out. Again, often there is a distinction between wall and woodwork. With no contrast between architectural parts, it extends the visible attain of the fireside far beyond its bodily borders.

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