Toronto Film Festival: Breakfast Club recreated in starry script reading

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Speaking on Sunday, screenwriter Gillian Flynn paid tribute to Lynda LaPlante, creator of the original drama, as a “pioneering force of nature”.

“How often do you get to see not one but four amazing, conflicted and complicated female characters on screen?” said the Gone Girl author.

“What was cool about putting them in a heist film was to get to see them work together and see their brains in action.”

More from the Toronto Film Festival

Actress Julia Roberts was in town to launch both family addiction drama Ben is Back and her new Amazon TV series Homecoming.

After Saturday’s premiere of the former, Roberts praised its writer-director Peter Hedges for a “clear, thoughtful” script that had helped offset the bitter cold of the film’s winter shoot.

Saturday also saw actress Geena Davis, British director Amma Asante and others speak at a women’s rally in support of gender parity in the film industry.

Thelma and Louise star Davis called for gender-balanced representation on screen and made a plea for “no more missed opportunities” in TV and film casting.

Asante, meanwhile, bemoaned the low percentage of female and specifically black female filmmakers.

“When I last looked, black women directors didn’t even make up one percent of the industry we work in,” said the director, whose new film Where Hands Touch premiered on Sunday.

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