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Today’s Workout 73: The Kettlebell-Only Circuit to Fire Up Your Morning

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It is easy to hit snooze a couple of occasions before rolling away from bed and dragging your ft into the workplace. But we have got a greater concept: As an alternative of feeling sluggish in the course of the first (and most necessary) few hours of the day, jumpstart your morning with this energizing, rapid-fire kettlebell circuit you could easily do in your front room.

Grab a kettlebell, put aside 30 minutes in your early-morning routine, and take on a couple of rounds of this three-move workout that features alternating kettlebell swings, one-arm kettlebell thrusters, and kettlebell Russian twists. You will get a superb sweat going, and wake up your muscle mass as a way to attack the rest of the day with some real power.

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