To Communicate Effectively, We Must Match The Chosen Medium of Engagement

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The creative medium is as important


Next time you are checking your media buyers have bought the right audiences, ask yourself if you have done the same from Creative with regards to medium.

Think about your customers’ mindset – what space are you intruding on to engage with them.

  • If they’re reading, give them something to read.
  • If they’re watching TV, give them something to watch.
  • If you’re funding their access, don’t be shy, this is a value exchange.

Don’t buy media that competes with other mediums – especially when that other medium is what the consumer has chosen to engage with.

But if you ignore me…

If you decide to go with video regardless, make sure it can be effective if delivered:

  • In silence
  • In a six second environment
  • Within written content
  • On mobile
  • Between levels on games
  • On dodgy internet connections or 3G
  • The few seconds it takes me to fight my way from the turn style to the escalator at Waterloo
  • In my pocket as I listen to music via wireless headphones

And if your video isn’t going to work in all of the above environments – then maybe, just maybe, you go back to Creative to deliver for the relevant mediums!

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