Tips-for-cleaning-ceiling-fan-blades, the typical way we tend to clean ceiling fan blades is to run a swiffer duster (or similar) along the blades. although dust will cling to the duster, it may be necessary to run the duster along the blade a few times.. “to clean ceiling fans, put a pillowcase over the blades and then slide them off. it’ll pull the dust/debris back inside of the case,” says javenture., your ceiling fan will collect dust on the blade edges as you run it, and unless you want dust flying around your room you need to be cleaning your ceiling fan blades every week..

For example, water and a few drops of distilled white vinegar can usually be mixed together to thoroughly clean ceiling fan blades. on the other hand, some people opt to just use soap and water, or even water alone, which can be equally effective at removing dirt., slide a pillowcase over each fan blade individually, and use your hands to press the fabric against the top and bottom of the blade. pull the pillowcase toward you along the blade. all the dusty gunk stays inside, and all you have to do is shake out the pillowcase outside and toss it in the wash!.

How to dust a fan on a standard ceiling. materials. step ladder; pillowcase; products used. for this video, we used a craftmade ceiling fan; if your fan is located on a regular ceiling, ranging from 8 - 10 ft., use a step ladder to reach the ceiling fan and use the steps below:, when is the last time you cleaned your ceiling fan? like any other home appliance, regularly cleaning a ceiling fan is important to ensure optimal performance. light maintenance such as replacing blades and keeping the ceiling fan from shaking, wobbling, or squeaking is necessary to keep the fan running smoothly..

How to remove kitchen grease on ceiling fan blades. "out of sight, out of mind" holds particularly true for ceiling fan blades when it comes to cleaning; especially the tops of the fan blades ..., our fans collect dust that's sticky and hard to remove. any cleaning hints?--tiffany wiggett, wichita, ksthe sticky stuff could be oil used to lubricate the fan's motor; it could also be airborne .... Learn how to clean a fan. ceiling fans are great for cooling down a room, but they also gather dust like crazy. keep them clean without getting dust everywhere.