Tip: The Law of Metabolic Efficiency

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So these POPs are mainly in the fatty meat you eat. Yes, even the organic, grass fed, Shangri-la steak the primal peeps swear by. Of course that’s better, but lower fat options might be even better if you’re dealing with this issue. Also coffee, the most heavily sprayed crop on the planet, and butter. If you’re dealing with these concerns, you may want to look into the POPs issues here as well.


Bacterial populations in your digestive tract are impacting your metabolic efficiency too. These “bugs” act like that annoying friend that keeps snatching french fries off your plate.

The amount and types of these bugs you have can determine much about your metabolic function. Not only do they use some of your calories, they send constant signals into your body and adjust your metabolic thermostat as a result. There is no more exciting area of research right now in medicine than this area of inquiry.

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