Time to get into yoga as TAG Heuer launch sporty range of watches for fitness fanatics – Article

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By exercising in the morning, your body takes advantage of naturally circulating hormones as they’re peaking, rather than later in the day when they’re lower. That is good to know as the sun rises above our yoga session in the heart of the Dubai desert at the exclusive Al Maha Resort.

The benefits of yoga are proven to increase the body’s flexibility, muscle strength and athletic performance, along with improvements to your cardio and circulatory health and protection from injury. Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs credits daily yoga for extending his Premier League playing career into his 40s. The stretching and breathing exercises relax both the body and mind, something, which TAG Heuer is setting out to achieve with their latest sporty collection of timepieces.

Partnerships with the Formula 1 Red Bull Racing Ream, Premier League, Bundesliga, MLS, and Dubai and Abu Dhabi Tours mean it’s crucial for the watchmakers’ products to be suitable for athletes.

A new range of smart watches being showcased by the Swiss company are made from stainless steel and are totally waterproof up to 50m, making them suitable for all sports including surfing, diving and swimming. Runners can benefit from the built-in GPS allowing users to track their route and distance.

The new Connected Modular 41 and 45 use the combination of Swiss luxury watchmaking and Silicon Valley Technology to create his and hers smartwatches, suitable for sport but fitted with interchangeable straps. This same timepiece can also be worn with a suit and tie and not look out of place.

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