This Next-Generation Yoga Studio Was Made For Rebels – Wellness

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Rebel Yoga finally brings a more accessible and enjoyable side of the popular fitness discipline to Westchester.

By Paul Adler


Photos by Tasia Sabatino

Get ready for a new way to sweat. Tasia Sabatino’s Thornwood studio, Rebel Yoga, offers an innovative angle on the classic hot-and-heavy poses. “During my yoga training, the name Rebel just came to me, as I wanted to attract those who have been turned off from traditional yoga in the past, so they can see that it doesn’t have to be serious,” says Sabatino. “It doesn’t have to push intense spirituality and it doesn’t have to involve advanced postures — it is what you want it to be.”

Rebel Yoga, which opened December 8 on 653 Commerce Street in Thornwood, is already making good on this mission. The studio’s highly accessible 60-minute class, Rebel Flow, is based on Sabatino’s extensive Vinyasa training coupled with her broad athletic background.

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